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"As Long As Their Names Are Spoken, They Shall Not Be Forgotten"
SA Herman Carol Acker • SN Jack Stephen Bergman Jr. • BM3 William Clark Jr.
GMG3 Charles Wayne Clinard • SA Ronald Paul Daley • SR Raymond Rance Davis • SN Terry Wayne Deal
SN Joseph Grisafi • SA Wm. Harrison III • GMG2 Tommy Hawker • SA Robert Kikkert • SN Edward McEleney Jr.
SA Robert Moore • SA Stanley Pilot Jr. • SN Ralph Robinson
GMG1 Wesley Rose • SA Richy Rucker • SA Jeffery Scheller
SN David Lee Scott • SA Richard Tessman

Joseph V. Balzano • Stephen M. Brumfield • James J. Sansone
Terrence F. McGee



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